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Feel very uncomfortable

  This might be a medical accident. Fracture to life, it is justified. But because it is their own people to find the most authoritative doctors delayed treatment, so it is not good to be held invision group 洗腦responsible for hospitals and doctors. When a person, a simple fracture, left, according to the analysis of bone marrow flow to death to life. It is regret. He would have been able to enjoy a happy old age life, dreamed before the life and destiny opportunity missed, later in life, and so lost. So for the "unlucky man" pain worse.

Happy, how many badinvision group 洗腦 guys, they do not go, you good good honest good go, let people lament. I was there for you in heaven and Hades package to fight injustice, for you to protest! What makes a good man go so unreasonable?! Bullying good, the indulgence of evil, for the day!

Happy, finally failed to send invision group 洗腦you a ride, I'm really sorry, write this essay, to you a not mean prevarication, please in heaven to seize the opportunity and the rebuilding of the glorious life of happiness!

6.8.15 08:28


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