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Grotesque rock formations

The rocks in Mount Huangshan are very strange, not only in the long pine, but also because of the shape of a greater degree.

Huangshan Qifeng, have sprung up, stretching hundreds of miles, before the peak of vermilion, red red, purple brown quanyajiaocuo pro and after the cluster height and stagger. Every mountain rock has its own modality dominate, some like birds, some like a beast. Some of them have xianfengdaogu, looks like some of the legend, large or small, are unique shape, eager to show the infinite charm, let visitors linger, has no intention to leave.

Some mountain is actually a towering sky and boulders. The turtle peak far look like huge turtle crawl, before the peak of a few pieces of stone, like a snail, Xiangyingchengqu, the formation of "turtle eats snail", "the Ao is old to lay eggs, the landscape, the turtle peak back and the turtle stone, was given the nickname" the turtle Tuo Tortoise ". Ancient poem: "the East China Sea giant Ao, what is Nianfei; people wear Fishbelly, Zhanyi wet." That is when tourists board Ao Yufeng soaked in sweat scene. The reputation of "the first peak in Huangshan lotus peak, steep cliffs, the powerful spirit. The central peak towering up, surrounded by around a small peak, like a primal lotus, flower in full bloom, quite spectacular. On the summit, such as in the sky, the river line, sky color, all in the distance. On sunny days, can look East West Tianmu, Zhan kuanglu, the north and the Yangtze River into the jiuhua. After the rain, the clouds from all sides panoramic view, very spectacular. In the Ming Dynasty, Wu Chang had a poem Chan said: "a violet spit Jiang Xia, stand gracefully erect clean flawless. Looking at the sky clouds roll, revealing ten feet peak flower." In addition, the old peak, Xiantao peak, and other large peak Bifeng naturally do not have interest, Mount Huangshan is the best scenery.

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Walk carefully

  If no one "jewelry", that is a lie. To scrimp and save to buy a gold ring, ring finger andreenexspent a day, still be shelved, the golden color, now also devalued. Simply do not want to dig out. Remember someone asked me, "do you have a ring?" "one", "do you have a necklace?" "No", "some earrings?" "There are ears". So then I ask my husband for these. "Turnip cabbage love", I do not reenexpursue those. But "chicken soup" instructions: "willing for you to spend money man is really love you, ha ha, I meet the man I love, because I always for a man to save money [sad]. Write here, always touched a nerve...... It was cloudy, rain, those who want to mention the story as if reenexweeping and complaining, and trying to cover up. Sometimes, even cry all his terrifying to know. Knock on the text, before turning the pages of a log, long time no "long winded", at the moment, the emotion of the time savings quietly spread... The time is walking, the age is in the long, the recent personnel change, at first really can not accept, now think that this is a part of life. Let the day be free, let it be. I don't want to let myself down, text, graffiti, music, and all I've got. Recently, the harvest of a bracelet, very like, then you have a configuration. Summer that will also admire the people that sexy neck "shiny" thing, but only the envy. So wearing a red silk even the "Smiling Buddha", autumn will take down, together with the "cheap" agate bracelet, in fact, just to cover up the wrist "Scar". See not, their hearts are still more emphasis on the spirit of the pursuit of. I care about the "heart", "heart" is "value" and a bunch of "gilded" can only add tacky, this is his most not practical ideas. It is very funny, now a woman not vulgar? But many still feel hypocritical, "meaning wanchong". Small emotions are written in a small fragment, allowing themselves to this point, the big emotions. Fart school start infatuation words, for decades, it has brought me so many rich, and I never give up. No matter how the mood, sit down, picked up a pen, it can let me quiet. I don't want to make a living, but to find a place to live. Tired, go in and rest......

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